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Want To Start A New Business? Here Are Basic Problems and Questions That Must Come To Your Mind

                              #Business Starting a business is not an easy task. The path to entrepreneurship is rarely smooth – in fact, you can expect many ways when your company will more closely resemble a minefield than a business. On the blog, I am going to examine the teething problems that an entrepreneur might face in the business and many others issues that are related to starting up a new business. At the same time, this post will proffer solutions and answers many questions that may be racing in the mind of business owner.  Therefore, this article will help in building confident and prepares the mind of entrepreneur for success in chosen field of business. Let’s get started!   MONEY MATTERS  “I need start up cash”      Wish you had personal assets you could liquidate?   You probably have more than you realize. Take a look around your home. Any sporting and recreational equipment you are not using? What about antiques, art or collections tha

How To Carry Out Advertisement That Drives Voluminous Sales

                            # Business I t is true that a lot of business owners involved in advertising may have convinced themselves of reason why they have to advertise, but not all of them can boldly say truthfully or convincingly, what percentage of growth their advertising campaign have brought to their business. However,if they will do a factual assessment, they will discover that the campaigns have contributed little or nothing to the growth of the business, compared to the money that has been poured into such campaigns. What is the reason? You may ask. In today’s blog post, I’ll be looking into the nitty-gritty of advertisement; the creativity aspect of it, which is the soul of advertisement. The whole essence of advertisement is to sell not just to create an awareness or fill the space. If it does not attract, persuade, and cause people to come and do business with you, then, it’s not worth it. The question now is, how can an advert be effective to driv

Juliet S. Ventures: A secret Behind the Successful Story of The Graphic Production Outfit

                           #Business Contrary to the thinking of many, success is not measured only in terms of millions of Naira or dollars. It is a complete whole and there is never a time in your quest for success that you should feel to have arrived. In fact, many business experts believe that success is a long journey, not a destination. If we all agree with the above logic, then this young man  Ajibode Ilori , the CEO of Juliet S. Ventures has met with success. On the blog today, I am going to share Ajibode Ilori’s successful story with you. In the interview granted by him, Ilori bares his mind on the graphic business, challenges, and many others things that made an indelible impact on people and organizations.  Apart from being a Nigerian, this graphic artist has delivered quality services to many and inching toward his goal. I present you below an excerpt of his juicy tale to awaken the giant within you. Q: What led you into establishing Juliet S. Ve