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We put up with a lot of craziness on blog. However, you can push up too far, frustrate us, and send us away. This post is not about content. There’s a thousand ways to annoy visitors with content. No, this post is about design elements, the little things added to blogs and websites that make people bare their teeth and click away. One or two negatives and they might  just roll their eyes and read on unless they are having a bad day in which case you’re out of luck. The list includes my personal peeves, common Internet peeves, and the results of my survey from writer’s forum. Truthfully, there are hundreds of things you can do to irritate your visitors, but these are the top annoyances. To be clear, you should not do these things . Have music or sounds playing as soon as the page loads. People visit at all times of day and night. Don’t wake the baby! Don’t alert the boss! Don’t make me listen to music I don’t like! Auto-loading music slows down page loading

Largest saxophone - playable by one person

The largest saxophone which can be played by one person has a tube length of 6.745 m (22 ft. 1.55 in), a bell diameter of 39.1 cm (1 ft. 3.39 in) and was created by J'Elle Stainer (Brazil) for Gilberto Lopes of (Italy). The saxophone was measured in Cerveteri RM, Italy, on 3 August 2013. The saxophone stands 2.74 m (8 ft. 11.87 in) tall, weighs 28.6 kg (63.05 lb) and an estimated internal air volume of 0.27 m³ (9.53 ft³). The instrument is considered to be a "sub contrabass" saxophone with a tonal range from Bb (Ab0) to F# (E3) which in terms of frequency is 25.95 Hz to 164.8 Hz. The sub contrabass saxophone was invented in 1846 by the Belgian Adolphe Sax who called it "sax bourdon" however it took 167 years before such an instrument was actually built.

5 Types of Blogger. Which one are you?

As a blogger, you deserve to make money if you are doing what is right with your blog. If you put many hours into your blog every week, spent a lot of megabytes just to stay online and blog, and you don't actually earn anything from it. I think you have a choice. I understand that blogging could be a hobby for most people reading me right now. And no, a hobby isn't always as profitable until you make it professional. To make money with your blog requires you determine which type of blogger you are and then constantly seek to improve on yourself. Type 1: Hobbyist What you do here is not clearly defined. You blog because you just want to have a presence online and be in the trend. At this level, depending on the strategies you engage, you should be making around N30, 000 a month. Type 2: Serious Hobbyist Here, you are focused on creating value for your audience. What you do here is not just to write but to provide answers an

The 25 Principles that Power Company’s Blog

Writing is valuable. You give voice to your team, extend help to your customers, and benefit by getting thoughts to page: writing doesn’t just transfer ideas, it creates them. Like I said before in one of my blogs, content is the king in blogging.   Here are the principles that power the Help your company’s blog: 1. Marketing is enthusiasm transferred to the customer. Expecting customers to get excited about your product without your help is expecting too much. 2. Content is customer success. While effective teaching requires more than education (motivation, modeling, entertainment, etc.), the bottom line is that content succeeds when it helps customers succeed. 3. Writing often gets in the way of teaching. David Ogilvy once said that “The temptation to entertain instead of selling is contagious.” Marketers often let flowery writing get in the way of their actual jobs. Hemingway should be your hero, not Faulkner–clarity reigns sovereign in the world of content. Make