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It's great to see you back here! This week, I've really enjoyed sharing with you three of the blog posts that centered on what writers should   DO to find success, what makes writers tough and better, and to cap it all, how to deal with challenges faced by writers.   I chose these posts because they cover what it takes for a writer  to accomplish his goals because, these resources  are needed and proven to be the most important secrets for writing success,   either in copywriting or freelancing writing. By doing so,  you're on your way to a successful writing career.   Today I'm going to shift gears. There are two core secrets to success in any career, but they're crucial in writing. First: continuously improve your skills. Second: Improve your productivity, so you get more work done and earn more money.   Simply put, the better your productivity – the faster you get high-quality copy to clients – the faster you'll achieve success.  

What Makes Writer Tough And Better: 5 TipsTo Be Considered

#Writer's Life “ By making writing a part of your daily routine – just like brushing your teeth; you’ll discipline yourself to work as a writer instead of a hobbyist, who only writes when there’s fun to be had”. – Theresa Grant. From the Grant’s quote above, one can conclude that writing is not easy, but needs hard work. As a professional freelance writer, I’m very familiar with how challenging writing can be. Most people don’t look forward to writing beyond Twitter or Facebook posts. Writing is a task and a job that many people put off doing until the last minute, or they hire freelancer to do it. So why is writing so hard? Often times, the most damaging thought I’ve heard from the confessors and other writers saying again and again is that, writing should be a “fun” or “leisurely” activity. Pop culture reinforces this by perpetuating the image of the writer as a mega-talented, but lazy and self-indulgent buffoon (think Hank Moody). Basking on the perception that wr


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                         #Blogging Tips   Blogging is an incredibly effective and efficient way for writers to reach their target audience and build writer platforms . In other words, it’s a great method for writers to find engaged readers and more success with their writing.   In this post, I’ll share eight simple, but super effective tips (that not all bloggers use) for writers to find more success with their blogging efforts. Blog Your Way to Success! Have you read an e-book titled - blog your way to success written by Robert Lee Brewer? By the way of instruction, Robert Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community. He is a prolific writer who has carved  a niche for himself in the field of poetry. He also leads online education, speaks on writing and publishing at events around the country, and does other fun writing-related stuff. This e-book - blog your way to success is an eye-opener for all  newbies, who want to learn fast


#Writing Challenges Frankly speaking, writing is one of the communicating skills that many people are grappling to acquire even among the educated one. Why is it so? I discovered this when I was in my 100 Level in the University. When you hear some of the students speaking (QUEEN'S English) while interacting among themselves, you will be impressed. But if you tell them to turn all their conversations into writing, then and only then, you will know that what makes a complete man is the ability to write . Being a writer is quite challenging at times. It’s not just the writing. Over the last three years, I’ve written many articles for publication, built my platform, worked on my blog posts (at least four times a week), and now I continue to write in the area of   creative writing   and contemporary issues. My writing challenges vary and can be more or less on any given day, but they generally fall into five categories. 1. Distractions, when the kids, husband or wif