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How Psychology Can Help You Grow Your Blog. 4 Lessons To Be Learnt By Bloggers

                                 #Writer’s life You MAY be wondering what has Psychology got to do with growing a Blog. Today, I will be looking at the First lesson of the Psychology, which is rocking your first impression with the halo effect. From this perspective, it will help you tremendously to grow your Blog. I promise you the four lessons are going to be in series, where I’ll taking one lesson per week. I hope you will enjoy all the four lessons of this blog post. I can tell you with a fair degree of certainty that no matter how great your product is, it is very likely that 40–60% of your free trial users never see the product a second time . Which makes that first use of the software really freaking important? That’s where all this psychology stuff comes into play.Whether you’re  on-boarding  for your product or growing your blog, you want more than 40–60% of people to come back to your blog or site. Am I right? So here’s how to grow your blog—to keep

Improving Your Business: 13 Proven Tips To Retain Your Customers

                                #Business “I was gradually losing everything I had worked for and my customers were running away from me before I discovered something was wrong. At a point I believed it was necessary to find out what really happened and I eventually discovered I had caused the greatest problems for myself because I never knew how to treat my customers.  I was completely ignorant of the system. I mean what they really wanted and before I could do anything to save the situation, I realized I had lost the battle,” says Alhaji Ibrahim Badmus, the former CEO of LEYICOOL Nigeria Limited. It is very expedient to know and avoid the grave mistakes that might jeopardize the efforts you are making to win the interest of your customers. If you do the right thing the customers will flow in, if not the reverse will be the case. But what would you do to keep your customers? From my own research, am going to share with you the experiences from the entrepreneurs an