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How To Overcome Your Fears And Beat Competitors In Their Own Game

                       #Business Most  entrepreneurs would love to land large corporate accounts, but they often don’t try for one simple reason: They are afraid. “smaller companies get intimidated by them, “says Guy Sophie, the President of Global Insite, an Austin, Texas, Consulting firm with annual sales hovering around $200,000. “So instead of trying figure out how to approach larger companies, they just write them off as potential customers.” On the blog today, I am going to discuss on what an entrepreneur needs to do in order to overcome the fear, and equally map out strategies on how to win big corporate accounts. I just want you to relax and continue reading this post. However, taking about fear it can be justified, says Sohie, who specializes in helping smaller businesses sell to bigger ones. Corporations tend to do business very differently than entrepreneurs. They’re more hierarchical, more conservative and slower to react. In addition, it

Fourth Lesson From Psychology That Will Grow Your Blog

                                    Writer’s Life Today, I am going to look at the last lesson in the series. I do believe that you have learnt enough from the four lessons of Psychology that will help you to grow your blog. Remember in the Third Lesson , we were told to build a relationship with your Readers  and of course, this will bring Trust. Having done this, your next assignment is to teach Your Readers To Keep Coming Back—And Do It On Their Turf.  Honestly, it will benefit you a lot if you cultivate new habits to make blog planning part of your routine. Habits are the thing of loyalty—and there is a lot of science about how to stick with new habits.                  Honestly, there are bunches of stuff about how to create loyalty. There is tons of information out there about how to create brand loyalty, customer loyalty programs, marketing loyalty programmes, etc. But a lot of them just talk about building trust , which you already know how to d

Third Lesson From Psychology That Will Help You Grow Your Blog

                                      \Writer’s Life As an experienced Blogger, you have to make sure your climax in your blog post is positive and your ending is happy with the peak-end rule, the next thing you should do is what I am going to discuss now. The Third Lesson from psychology will show you how to build a relationship with your Readers . Do you know that your Readers want a relationship ?  When you build a relationship with your readers it will build trust. You’ve heard it said everywhere that content marketing exists to get people to know, like, and trust you.  And maybe they cobbled together some meaning from that, but here’s how it actually works: People get to know you from your first impression. You just learned how to rock at that by understanding how to influence your readers’ perception with the halo effect. Your readers will grow to like you by leaving happy. You’ll rock at that by knowing how to apply the peak-end rule to

Second Lesson From Psychology That Will Help You Grow Your Blog

                                         Writer’s Life Hey, Last week, I posted a blog post on the First Lesson from Psychology that will help you grow your blog. The number of people that read that post was quite amazing. I hope you have enjoyed it and also learned few things from the post. I am glad you did.  Oh! For those of you that did not read that particular post, you can read it here . In today’s blog, I ‘m going to share with you the Second Lesson from Psychology which is to make sure your climax is positive and your ending is happy with the peak-end rule . Think of an experience like a story that has a beginning, climax, and an ending. The climax and the ending seem to stick with us longer than anything else. At least, that’s what the peak-end rule teaches us: People don’t remember their experience by its entirety, but rather by a strongly positive or negative impression and its ending. The Brothers Grimm version (AKA: the