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The Importance of Deep Reading to Achieve the Writer’s life

#writer’s life Hey there, When I was a little boy, my late father used to emphasize on the need for us as his children to read wider; I mean to become a voracious reader. According to him, reading and but writing makes a complete man. This advice from my dad sank into my mind deeply, so much that, it spurred me into action. Equipped with the family’s library, I started falling in love with reading. I mean reading any printable materials that come my way. No wonder, I started early enough to write some interesting articles then. I must say that is how my writing stint began. Also read   Reading But Writing Makes A Complete Man Unarguably, wild readers are people of all ages with a passion for reading. Wild readers talk about the books they read. They plan the next book they're going to read. Reading is a big part of their lives. So what does being a wide reader has to do with achieving the writer's life? Today, I'm going to let Alexander Gr

How E-book Can Drive Traffic To Your Money-Making Website

#Writer's life   Hey, Are you a good writer that can write an interesting book? Do you know that you can make money as a writer without ever getting a client?   Someone might ask is it a dream or hype? It’s neither of these. You can make money writing before getting your first client by setting up a Money-Making Website.   In today’s blog post, we’ll be looking at one of the ways of supporting your Money-Making Website that really appeals to me, which is writing of an e-book. Why write an e-book? The absolute best reason for writing an e-book is to offer it as a free inducement to have readers visit your website.   The more traffic you have coming to your website, the more you can sell. And the more money you make off of Google Ad sense ads.   When you think of writing an e-book, don't be thinking of a massive 300-pager. E-books can be as short as two or three pages or as long as you want them.   But if you're going to be giving th