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How Social Media Can Increase Your Company’s Value

#Business Hey, In today's blog, I'm going to discuss a little bit about the role of social media. That is to say, how social media can help to increase sales or add values to the company. Notably, Some companies don’t think social media matters. They think their company can’t benefit from it, nobody is going to read their posts, or that it’s a waste of time. But those companies are wrong.  There are many ways that having an active social media presence can benefit your company. Here are some examples. It can raise brand awareness You can use hashtags on photos on Instagram or posts on Twitter to get your content in front of potential followers. Folks who search for content with those specific hashtags will see your post. Social media can also make your brand seem more favourable. By adding a voice to your company, you are personalizing your brand. Potential customers will be more likely to follow or utilize your services. You can grow yo

A Bank Robber’s Secret to Achieving the Writer's Life

                     #Writer’s life Hi, Looking at the title of my post, I know many of you will be wondering what has bank robber’s secret got to do with writer’s life. What could a notorious bank robber teach you about achieving the writer's life? It Seems impossible.   But in today’s blog, I’m going to share with you thought of Nick Usborne — web copy and social media expert, who exposed his secret in his article on how to make a good money as a writer, copywriter and achieving the writer's life faster. Read the post: When You Write, You Will Get Seen Online If You Want a Reliable Income as a Writer, Go Where the Growth is By Nick Usborne You've probably heard of Sutton's Law. It's named after the famous bank robber, Willie Sutton who, when asked why he robbed banks, famously replied, "Because that's where the money is." Ask me where I think online writers and copywriters should focus their attention and I'll

Blogging: 4 Things You Should Avoid That Kill Your Writing Career

#Writer’s life Hi, Many years ago, a good number of writers did not have blog or website to post their articles, simply because this platform was not available, or it was just a new stuff for every writer to embrace. But as of today, the story is quite different. Now, the important of website or blog in writer’s life cannot be over-emphasized; - it's very crucial. If for no other reason, your avid readers, clients and potential clients in case of copy writing expect you to have a blog or website. And to a large extent, your blog/website is a billboard advertising your writing skills … whether you write for the Web or not. But designing your own writer's website can be tricky. Get it wrong, and elements you thought would make your blog/website state-of-the-art could actually kill response. In a blog today, I'm just going to highlight four of the most important strategies for blog or website success. Strategy #1: Make your blog/website easy on the eye