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How An English Literature Graduate Becomes A Business Tycoon

#Humanity Who have thought that an English Literature graduate from the University of Benin will venture into manufacturing business man rather than creating a niche for himself in the realm of Literature? Truly, this is what exactly happened to Mr. Nzube Odina, the Managing Director /Chief Executive Officer of Pomegranate Distributors and Company Limited, a food distribution outfit based in Abuja.  In 2000, he obtained his first degree in English Literature from the University of Benin and thereafter, did his one year compulsory service to fatherland at the Central Bank of Nigeria. On completion of the youth service program, he worked with a furniture company in Abuja for about a year and some months and resigned because according to him, there was no job satisfaction, he wanted to do more. In a chat with a Vanguard correspondent, Ebele Orakpo, Mr.Odina bares his mind on the foray into manufacturing. Here is the excerpt.   Launching out: “I started thinking

UNCLAD: How Does It Enhance Fighting?

#Lifestyle In the streets of Lagos, a lot of funny things do happen day-in, day-out. Among the funny things that I ever witnessed myself this morning, is when a bus conductor removed his clothes inside a moving vehicle to engage in a fight with a passenger at along Ikorodu –Oshodi road. I must say that what I saw today was really a show of shame. This incident happened this early morning when I was going to my working place. As I was standing patiently waiting for a bus at our junction; Oduntan Street. An 18 sitters-bus with inscription Federal Mass Transit Bus on its body, with registration number XY 249 KTU was heading towards Oshodi was about to pass. I had to beckon on the driver to stop. The driver applied the brake and the bus came to halt. I jumped inside the bus, I sat down and drivers revved up. On the way, the bus conductor was shouting “...Osho…Osho…Osho”. With his menacing, loud, and an esoteric voice like that of street urchins known as (Area boy

What Is Your Name?

                                                                                                                 Nigeria’s National Assembly Nigerians are very funny people. Why am I saying this? I say this because of the way some of them will respond to a certain question like in the title of this post above – what is your name? Sometimes ago, I was watching a programme tagged ‘the Gavel’ on Channel Television, while I was lying down in the bed. In the programme, Channel Television was showing all the records of the proceedings in the National Assembly.  At the hallowed chamber, any legislature member who wants to take make a presentation on the floor of the house must, first of all, introduce himself or herself, and the constituency he or she is represented before he proceeded with his or her presentation. This honourable member stood up, grasped the microphone and said “Hmmm… my names are Honourable Prof. Michael Ibukun Ayodele Mc Anthony (not real name). I am r

BLOG ON: Give The World A Piece Of Your Heart.

#Writer's life I can recall vividly when I started my writing journey, I was looking for a platform to horn my voice so that people will hear me. Thanks to this technology – the internet that has brought me to this moment, where I can now give the world a piece of my heart. Do you have something to say and cannot seem to find the right platform to say? Self-publish is the solution. Turn to the web and pour your heart there. Start a web also called blog-on online daily that gives you a loud voice in today’s information savvy world. The revolution of this technology and the democratization of the media, and exciting new field- social media has emerged. Now, you can reach the world literarily from your little corner, speaking in no-hold bared style, as often as you want. You can publish text, pictures, music, and more. And with your internet-enabled GSM handsets, you can update your ‘publication’ as often as a new stream of thought prompt you to. In today’

Give Our Youths A Future

#Lifestyle While growing up, I was told that the Youths are leaders of tomorrow. The question now is, how are the parents training the youths so that they fulfil their purpose in life? In today's post, I am lending my voice for parents to give their children a future they desire. The apparent cumulative effect of the economic downturn has made home-keeping and training of children to become an ordeal. Parents should see this as a challenge and be determined not only to wade through it, but to balance up their responsibilities towards their children to ensure they are given a bright future.  Certainly, it is, the duty of parents to provide for their children, but this should not be at the expense of neglecting proper upbringing. Unexpectedly, it is the desire of every good parent to see their wards becoming useful in the family and in society at large. Nevertheless, for this desire to be met, those fundamental truths; moral and spiritual values must be imparted to them