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These Simple Habits Will Make You Happy Every Day

#Lifestyle Happiness  is a very personal thing, yet most of us agree on the simple things that make us feel happy. Feeling uplifted helps you work harder and get along with people much better. In order to help yourself feel better and happier at work, we’ve found several easy things you could do. #1 Exercise a bit more If you are mostly working at an office desk, and if you spend most of the day sitting, you will find physical exercises helping you feel much better. It has actually been proven that exercise is an effective strategy against depression. #2 Get more sleep Studies have shown that sleep deprivation leads to higher sensitivity to negative emotions. #3 Spend more time with friends and family . One thing almost all people on the death bed regret not doing more is spending more time with their friends. Make some time at least once a week to spend some time with people, you care about. #4 Spend more time outsides Do not forget to take a walk any time