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7 Proven Habits That Can Increase Your Business Productivity

#Business Being an entrepreneur is one of the most exciting careers you can choose, but it can challenge you to the core; professionally and personally.  I've  set up a business, and I know the challenges you have to face. In today’s post, I’m going to share with you a million Dollar secret you can use in growing your business. If you really want to learn something new today that can help your business to grow, then just sit back and continue to read this revealing and educative post. What many business owners don’t realize is that, by following the principles used by highly successful entrepreneurs to strengthen their character, they can vastly improve the quality of their lives and greatly increase their chances of reaching their goals. I know these methods work. Many successful entrepreneurs have used the seven habits as a compass to guide them through these challenges they faced and position their company for years of future growth. These proven habits are

13 Franchise Businesses That Can Fetch You Good Money

#Business The global business community is growing at a rapid speed. New and old companies are coming up stronger. These companies craze for expansion and thirst for profits create the opportunity for you to make yourself rich without much sweat. In the blog, I’m going to educate you on how you can tap into this great opportunity created by this industry, despite the fact that this concept is not new in our country. I’ve discovered that a lot of people are not seizing this opportunity that can turn their life around for the better. I’m talking about franchise. It’s one of the biggest businesses on the planet earth today, and a lot of people around the world have made fortunes in this money spinning business. And here the question comes, what is franchise? It simply means permission to sell a company’s good or services which is given or sold to a business person. Franchise is the most successful device for small business ownership ever invented. One person invests

Why Making Money Writing Should Be Fun

                                                      Ben Settle #Writer’s life A good number of copywriters have it good … but email writer Ben Settle has it  really  good. He gets up early, takes his dog for a walk near his home in the tiny town of Bandon, on the Oregon coast, and sits down at his computer to write one short email. Then he's off to do whatever he wants. Oh, and he makes almost half a million dollars a year. (!!) Ben believes you'll achieve more success by stepping back to enjoy life, rather than by putting your "nose to the grindstone."  In the interview granted to Barefoot Writer  Executive Editor Mindy McHorse, Ben bares his mind on how making money writing should be fun, and many other things about writing. Enjoy reading the interview. Excerpt: Mindy: As a kid, what did you dream about becoming when you grew up? Ben: When I was really young, I wanted to be a scientist. I'm amazed I didn't accidentally kill myself wh