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7 Steps To Scaling Your Freelance Business

  # Business                                                       Hey, Recently, I stumbled on an article written by a friend of mine, Abdullahi Muhammed. In the article, the writer was discussing some steps one should take in order to scale through freelance business. I must say that the article was  quite excellent and well-articulated.   However, I want to commend this young Nigerian’s blogger for making a distinguish mark in his blogging career. No wonder, he shot himself to a limelight in the field of creative writing. As at today, Abdullahi is one of contributors in  . Can you beat that?                          Abdullahi Muhammed  In today’s blog I am going share with you what Abdullahi discussed in his article, for the benefit of those who may have interest in freelancing business. You need to have the knowledge on how to run your business. Whether you’re taking on some freelance work on the side, or you’re making it your full-time gig, freelanci

8 Proven Ways to Improve Your Content Strategy

#Writer life For those of you that are bloggers, you must have heard or read somewhere that content is king in the realm of blogging. As important as good content is to a blog, many bloggers do not know what ways and how to improve their blog contents strategy. However, in the blog today, I’m going to share with you what Travis Bliffen opined to be the proven ways of improving content strategy. By the way of introduction, Travis Bliffen is the founder of Stellar SEO , a Web design and marketing firm located in Franklin, TN.                                              Travis Bliffen As Rank Brain continues to have a greater impact on rankings, you cannot overlook the importance of creating good content. While many will tell you to “create great content,” they forget to tell you how. Below are some simple yet effective strategies to make the most of your content efforts.   According to Bliffen, the proven ways to improve your content strategy are as follow:  

7 Steps On How To Sell Successfully On Amazon

#Business Yesterday, I posted a blog post on How To Set Up An Ebay Wholesale Consignment Business , and make good commission. I guess my readers enjoyed reading that post. Today, I‘ll be discussing on some steps on how someone can sell successfully on Amazon- another online store. Enjoy it!   Amazon has definitely become the giant of the retail industry. You can find millions of products being sold by Amazon directly and by an army of third party sellers that list their products on the e-commerce juggernaut.  Amazon allows third party sellers, such as me, to list their products and either have the orders fulfilled by Amazon, or the third party sellers can pack and send out orders directly to the buyers.  According to Amazon, 40% of their unit sales come from third party sellers. That means that there are people just like you and me that are collectively selling millions of products.  Step#1  You need to register as a seller. You can register as an individual or

How To Set Up An eBay Wholesale Consignment Business

#Business Do you know that you can make good money selling in an eBay store? In today’s blog, I am going to discuss extensively on eBay. For the benefit of those that might be interested in selling some stuffs online, and make their commissions, this particular blog post is for you. Enjoy reading it! An eBay wholesale consignment business can be a lucrative enterprise. Its goal is to find merchandise owners and sell their products on their behalf on eBay.  Essentially you would find retailers and wholesalers that would like to sell their goods on the auction website. You would then list their goods, take care of customer service, and fulfill their orders. In exchange for your service, you would receive a commission on the net amount that the auction produced.  So if an auction for a Tahari women's suit netted 60.00 after any eBay fees and credit card expenses, you would keep a percentage of the 60.00 amount as your commission. The commission that you will charge wi

10 Strategies For Running A Successful Clothing Store

#Business Hey, Are you into a business of selling cloths and you have not recorded high sales volume in the last six months? Or probably you wanted to know how to run a successful clothing store, and you don’t know how to go about it. If your answer is in the affirmative, then this post is particularly written for you. Keep on reading it. In today’s post, I am going to delve into some strategies that a cloth seller, if he applies these strategies will be surprised how successful his clothing business will look like after you must have read this post and put what you have learnt into practice. Let’s get started.  A clothing store can be a great business, and running a successful clothing store can be a great opportunity. But the challenge is that while it's relatively easy to open your own store, making it successful is an altogether different challenge I can tell you that as any other business, I have seen many clothing stores come and go. Why? As a matter of f