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The 6 Proven Ways To Promote Your Blog

  #Writer’s life As a blogger, there are certain things you need to do to become successful in your blogging career. In the blog, I’m going to share with you some proven ways in which you can promote your blog as being highlighted below. Just relax and continue to read this blog post. The starting point of a brand new blog is the most fun and interesting part of the whole process, don’t you agree? You figured out a great idea, did a lot of research, and you are excited about the prospect of starting your blog, as you are certain that your blog idea is going to be quite successful. There is a particular market that with a lot of people ready to spend their money on it and you have found your blog’s niche based on these factors. Bear in mind that there are endless possibilities for your blog and that the sky is your only limit. Read post: 7 Tips On How To Improve Your Blog Post The appeal to the research phase is infinite when it comes to building a brand new blog. This i

Eccentric Writing Habits of Famous Writers [INFOGRAPH]

#Writer’s life                                  Hi there,                                                                                                                       Last Sunday was a career week in our junior church. A day like this, we bring professionals in various field of study to come and talk to the children about different careers. So last Sunday, I felt like talking to them about writing. Nevertheless, I took the children on a topic; Creative Writing as a career path.   After the presentation, one of my teenagers Emmanuel Fasuyi asked me why some writers are fun of using big words in their writing. For instance, he mentioned the word…flabbergasted. According to him, he felt somehow as if when a writer uses big words make him  more superior than others like him, who use simple words while writing.     The guy opined that  since writing is all about passing information to people or the readers, writers should use simple words in passing their message acros

5 Investments That Made the Difference in Writing Career

#Writer’s life If you think all you need to do to succeed as a writer is practice writing, you are fooling yourself. It wasn't until I invested in my personal growth that I started to see measurable success with my writing.  Now I don’t believe you need to "spend money to make money.” Nor do I think you should go into debt to pursue a dream.  But I do believe the craft of writing is worth whatever resources you have to invest. If you don’t invest in your growth, who will?   Today on the blog, I’m going to share with you   what my friend, Jeff Goins ,  a renowned writer, once wrote about    five investments that made him (and continue to make) in his writing that have meant the difference between starving and thriving, and I hope they will help you, too.                                                                                               I used to think that to be a writer, all you had to do was learn to write well. But that’s just not true. There’

4 Top Secrets To Make Your Internet Business Indispensable

#Business Hello there, In my blog post yesterday, I discussed with you about online advertisement, how advertisement can boast up your sales, how adverts can draw traffic to website, and the option plan you can take while thinking of placing an online advert. Read  the post here Online Advertisement: What Google Won't Tell You For today’s post, I’m going to take you through to those secrets that will make your online business very  interesting and successful. Though this article is written for the Entrepreneurs using the internet as a tool to leverage their business, but the information will be helpful for businesses that are exclusively offline. Let’s get started… If you are an entrepreneur that mingles with negative thinking people, then it common to hear people say there is tough time in the country. This has always been the perception of most people for centuries. The fact is that if you apply the basic principles of success to online business, no matter the c

Unbelievable: See What a Newly Married Couple were Pictured Doing Publicly in Wedding Attire

    The couple buying roasted corn at the roadside #Lifestyle In a very dramatic event, a newly married couple still freshly dressed in their wedding attires stopped at the road-side to purchase roasted corn alongside their friends. The location of this odd but funny event is currently unknown. One Rt. Honourable Ike C. Ibe who recently got married shared the adorable photos on Facebook and captioned them: “It’s not a movie it’s my wedding this morning. And it’s a maze of life. Eating corn on the way after wedding –Priceless. This is the way we roll.” This has become a major topic on social media since on Saturday, 2nd of July, 2016. Love is indeed a beautiful thing. See more photos below KEB wishes the couple a blissful marriage life.

Online Advertisement: What Google won’t Tell You

#Business It is interesting to note the number of hours we spend on the internet becomes more than we spend on other social media even the Television, the internet has become increasing important to advertisers. Many are aware of the unlimited opportunities business and brands could be exposed to through online advertisement, but they get frustrated each time they spend so much money putting their advert on Google and other websites without getting required or expected result and eventually think online advertisement doesn’t work. What ha Google got to do with this? Everything! Google makes over 70 percent of their income from online adverts. They sure are thee pacesetters online on doubt. With recent development and application of their store, it is obvious Google no longer want us to watch TV, they want us to be online 24 hours every day so that they can make money through online advertisement. I got so curious and that make me to ask the question I asked at the G –Nigeria