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10 Reasons Why You Should Start and Run Your Business

#Business Hey! Have you ever taken a great deal of time to carefully study the cash flow quadrant before? If you ever done that, you will discover that only 5 percent of people who comprises of business owners and entrepreneurs belong to the third and the fourth quadrant. Research has shown that 95 percent of the wealth is being controlled by 5 percent of these businessmen, who had worked so hard, took a calculated risk, and invested heavily in viable ventures or businesses. So, what is the implication of this assertion? It simply means that the people that enjoy the large chunk of 95 percent of wealth around the globe are the business owners and investors. Invariably, 95 percent of employees who work for the business owners only take 5 percent of the wealth. This is so ridiculous. Having said this, you need not a pundit to tell you that starting up your own business pays off. The business owners and entrepreneurs rake in tremendous passive income for the