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How A Customer Profile Can Be An Indispensable Tool For Your Market Analysis

                                                 #Business It has been said and acceptable the world over that the only thing that does not change is change. People change, environment changes, taste and fashion change and without exception, the market for a product changes with time. This probably accounts for why a company’s customer base often shifts from time to time. And when it happens, it is those companies that shift with their customer’s needs that will remain relevant and useful. However, those who refuse, knowingly or unknowingly, to change along, of course, will have their self to blame when they finally came to realization that their customer base has decrease drastically within a spate of time. On the blog today, I’m going to share with you three proven methods in which a business owner can use as cardinal tool, to survey the market place in order to know the customer’s buying motives, and to meet their  purchasing needs. For the meantime, I want you to

The Secret to Developing a Regular Writing Habit

                        Writer's Life This time of year, many people take a moment to consider what they did or did not accomplish last year and how this year is going to be different. Honestly, I'm not a fan. This process sets a lot of people up for disappointment. And if you're a writer like me, it can be especially problematic. Writers don't need more goals. They need better habits. And the first habit you should cultivate is to write every day, which is the subject of the post. For years, I set a goal to write a book, and for years, I disappointed myself. Do you know what the problem was? I was setting the wrong goal -- deciding the finish line without mapping out the process. But here's the truth: Significant accomplishments are the result of regular habits, not arbitrary goals. When I figured this out and began writing 500 words a day, becoming a full-time writer not only became possible. It was nearly inevitable. 

How Do You Measure Your Own Success?

                                #Lifestyle Hey! Happy New Year! and welcome to a brand new year, 2018. As the year opens its new chapter, many people will like to sit back, and take stocks of, or reflect on those things they have achieved, gained, or those things they have made it happened in their lives last year, and termed them as success. However, on the blog, I’m going to critically look at, what many people would call  success , and possibly focus my attention on how to measure success, in order to appreciate what success really is. I just want you to sit back and enjoy the post. Are you ready? Let’s go! The keys to success are not related to one background. Most people called millionaire in the world today were not born wealthy and few of them are graduates. Those ones over the years learnt all they could, worked hard, had definite plans and stuck to it. So you can! Your ability to measure success depends on what exactly you want in life; what dreams you