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How Aliko Dangote Became The Richest Person In Africa

#Entrepreneur In yesterday’s post, I shared a story of a successful Nigerian's Entrepreneur, Adenike Ogumlesi, who is the founder, CEO, and manufacturer of the Nigerian babies and kiddies clothing line called Ruff ‘n’ Tumble . Adenike  started up her business just little as any other person and  she ended up being super-rich. Today, I’m going to share with you yet another story of an Entrepreneur that also started small but ends up becoming the richest man in Nigeria. His business brand becomes a household name both in Nigeria and Africa. A few billionaires roam the earth. What gets even more exciting is whenever the world hears of African billionaires. With majority of the world’s view about Africa being portrayed as a continent majorly filled with small huts, farmers, and every man getting married to multiple women at childhood, many wonder how billionaires are ever forged on the continent. While the world’s perception about Africa is mostly wrong, the continent is dis

How Adenike Ogunlesi, an African Entrepreneur, Made Over A Million Dollars from Business

#Business Inspirational stories of success can sometimes be all you need to take that great step towards achieving your goal. The only true thing that’s stopping you from self-fulfillment is fear. And the mastery of fear, not it’s avoidance, will make your life a true success story for everyone to learn from. Today, in the blog, I'll be sharing an inspiring story of success  about the rise of Adenike Ogunlesi. The founder and CEO of Ruff ‘n’ Tumble. Just relax and read the story and you will learn something from this high-profiled woman of substance.  A lot of activities happen every day. People head to work, take walks, go the market, hit the gym, stop at restaurants to have a meal or two, and do several other things. In the middle of all these, was a woman trying to sell some clothes from the boot of her car. While extremely few people who may have seen her plot her trade in the mid-90’s, might remember her humble beginnings, many who passed her by, would never have

How to Beat Writer’s Block: 21Tips to Consider

  If there were any doubts about whether writer’s block really exists, they’ve now been laid to rest. A study of 2,500 writers by Stop Procrastinating , the productivity app and website, investigated how to beat writer’s block and found that 63% of writers had suffered a block at some point.   The definition of writers’ block was clear: your motivation or ideas for writing dry up. The survey found that the cause of writer’s block were high expectations, fear of failure, and pressure of unrealistic deadlines. The good news is that all the writers in the survey beat writer’s block though a combination of creative motivation techniques and unorthodox routines. In many cases all that was needed was a change of scene, especially if the causes were overwork or stress related. For others, changes to their routine worked effectively. From getting up earlier to taking a cold shower to doing the West Wing “walk and talk,” the following tips can help you be more creative and mot

The Key To Great Writing

#Writing While there is no common definition of great, all great books have the common feature of lacking content that isn’t great. Great writing does not contain “un-great” stuff. The Internet is full of tips to improve your writing. Do this. Do that. Add this. Add that. Brainstorm this. Flesh out that. Adopt this structure. The list goes on and on and is full of wonderful and sound pieces of proven literary advice. There is so much advice and knowledge accumulated over the ages, yet no one seems to fully agree on what makes great writing. It is more that we just know it when we read it. And many cannot agree on that either  –  think of all the rejection letters great writers have gotten from publishers. Think about the fact that we all have different favorite books. Some are perennially popular and historically important as evidenced by how they converge within “Top Books” lists. Whether it is Meyer’s Twilight saga or Dante’s Inferno , some books just stand out head and s

Man kisses police officer during confrontation, fight breaks out

#Gist When a police officer in Liuzhou City, China, found himself in a heated argument with a street vendor resisting arrest, the last thing he expected was to get kissed on the lips by the offender.                                               The culprit kissing the Officer The man in question, identified only by his surname Huang, was allegedly illegally operating a roadside food stall, when the police turned up after receiving a tip-off to arrest him, CCTV News said . The pair soon got into a verbal argument, but instead of throwing punches, Huang planted a kiss on the officer's mouth. His actions infuriated the officer so much that the confrontation turned violent with a bunch of officers attacking the man.   Also read kiss of life: A woman bitten on lips by snake   People believed to be associated to Huang, immediately came to his rescue, throwing stools and bowls at the officers. The situation turned into a full-on brawl, and Huang was later subdue