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Why authenticity is the key to being a great Writer

Hey, Today is the last day in the year 2015; I thought I owe my readers something that will inspire them to be a great Writers in the coming year. In my blog post, I’m going to discuss why authenticity is the key to being a great writer. Sit back and read this.   One of the nicest things about being a writer is the many sources that inspire ideas. Unlike other 9-to-5 professions such as a structural engineer or IT network designer, those living the writer's life can turn just about anything, no matter how big or small, from simple conversations with others to household chores into colourful stories.   Like songwriters who hear notes in their heads, or photographers who visualize a photo before they pull out their cameras, writers have the ability to "see" how sometimes ordinary experiences can be the basis of good writing.   Often that good writing is a reflection of your personality … how you see the world. Now add to the mix the fact that you can ea

7 Writing Tips To Improve Your Productivity

Writer's Life Hey, How time flies. Welcome to a new month of December. I’m beginning to smell Christmas over here. In my last blog post, I shared with you on how to boost your productivity and writing skills   in the post titled   An Unexpected Way To Express Yourself . From the statistic of those that read that post, I'm quite sure  that many readers enjoyed it.   For those of you that visited my blog, I will say thank you! In today’s post I’m going to share with you an interesting post written by Shelley Hitz . The post has to writing tips on productivity. He highlighted seven important tips that can help writers to write well thereby improving their productivity. Sit back and digest these points below. Writing Tip #1: Schedule your time One sure-fire way to increase productivity is to schedule a specific time to write every day. Give your writing time priority and schedule a block of time, just as you would schedule a doctor’s appointment, a confere