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Hard Work Pays!!! Meet the Pretty Nigerian's Girl Who Sells Banana for A Living & Travels By Air [Pics]

                   #Business Going by the hard times many people are facing now coupled by the bastardized economy and the high level of unemployment witnessed in the country recently, many unemployed youths including ladies have decided to create jobs for themselves by engaging in small scale businesses, just to eke a living. A corollary of what I’m saying is this young lady who decided to start up a small business for herself by hawking banana, make her money and live a comfortable life as you can see her boarding an aircraft below. However, a picture of this young Nigerian lady who sells banana for a living is trending across social media after her photos was shared online.                     Some photos of the young lady were shared on Facebook. According to a Facebook user who shared the photos, the beautiful lady has become very successful selling banana on the street.                  The Facebook user wrote; “Men please  if any girl want to start