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7 Streams Of Income That Can Make You a Millionaire

              Most people have a job, and that means they have to show up to work every day. In exchange for doing this, they get paid, either by the hour or with a monthly salary. And while many people consider this a necessary part of life, I’m here to tell you it’s not.   Here’s why.   When you trade your time for money, you limit the amount of money you can earn. And that’s true no matter how much money you make. The key to earning passive income is to trade less of your time for more money. Let me give you a brief example. (We’ll talk more about this later on this blog post.)   Just imagine that you want to earn that $84,000 a year; you would have to work 3,640 hours a year. (People who work a 40-hour week “only” work 2,080 hours a year.)  And all those extra hours won’t contribute to a happier life, either. Sure, you would be able to pay the bills easier and maybe send your family off on a nice vacation (You won’t be able to go—remember you’re tied to a desk 70 hours a week.)   B

Ned Nwoko: I Married Regina Daniels In 3 Weeks.

Prince  Ned Nwoko   is a Nigerian lawyer, business tycoon, politician and humanitarian. He was a member of the House of Representatives (Nigeria) between 1999 and 2003 representing Aniocha North-South and Oshimili North-South. He took his Malaria Awareness campaign to South Pole, Antarctica. In a recent interview gra nted to BBC Pidgin journalist, he dropped a shocking revelation that his wife Regina Daniel knows that he could marry another wife.                                        Ned Nwoko & Regina "I married Regina Daniels within weeks" That's how I married other wives. "I don't believe in dating anybody to marry a lady when you marry them you can fall in love from within the marriage. Like my time in the 60's they were not dating, there were arranged marriage, most girls were expected to be virgins when getting married. Before I met Regina I don't know about her, I don't watch movies, I never watch movies. I met her the first time when