3 Common Mistakes Bloggers Make ...And Why It Stops Them from Making Money

1. Picking A Wrong Niche (Topic)

This is by far the biggest mistake I see people making. The truth is ...not all niches will make you money. Not all topics have demand. To succeed as a blogger you need to blog about a topic people search for. You need to be where there is demand. It also has to be a niche where people spend money. Something called a profitable niche. So what are profitable niches for blogging?

2. Waiting For Traffic
Traffic is the life blood of any blog. Without it, you make no money. ...but here is the mistake I see many people make. They wait for traffic. They think that traffic will magically land on their blog from heaven. No my friend. It does not work like that. You need to go out and hustle for it. Google may send you traffic, but you still need to go out and hustle. How can you do this?

3. Giving Up Too Early 

 Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. You won't start a blog tomorrow...and in 1 month buy a Hummer. You will need to grow it to profit. But most bloggers give up too early. Maybe because they have no traffic or because they don't make money from day one. My friend, there is some work involved here. But it has to be smart work


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