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How To Implement 5 Laws Of Business Success To Become Successful

                                       #Business Is there a Law Of Success ? Yes, there is. Can we learn what it is? We can. Why then successful men don’t let us know what the law is? Because such men themselves don’t know what is; for a time, they simply live by it unconsciously. However, I found the law in the Bible, the greatest of all books. I saw it repeatedly for many years before I came to realize its true meaning, and I want to share it with you herein. In today’s blog, I’m going to delve into the rules in the law of success, that a business owner, if applies in his business will witness tremendous growth and transformation. Not only that, it will ultimately make him to love people, and also have the love for God. Just relax and continue reading this post. Success Rule # 1 : Whosoever will be great among you, let him minister unto the people’s needs; and whosoever will be Chief among you, let him give service in their field in which he is most skilled.

How My Short Story – The Pain of Mind Was Voted the Second Best of Thriller Fantasy Story in the Wildsoundfestival’s loglines

                                              #Writer’s Life Many years ago, when I started my writing journey as a young boy, little did I know, that one day in the future, my writings would be appreciated by many readers within and outside my country. However, I came to the realization recently, that indeed, my writing has been appreciated. How? As I was surfing the net early this year, I stumbled on this site – What this group does is to; help writers to showcase their talents in the field of writing, by publicizing their literary works on the social media, especially on twitter. Having known this fact, I had to send a copy of my short story - The Pains of Mind  to them, to be published in the fiction category. For leaving a long-lasting impression in the minds of the readers, by thrilling them with a good story, they can’t help but continue to read, and vote for such story, until it becomes popular. Now guess what happened? Few days ago,

Foresight Thinking: The Power to insulate Yourself and Your Business from disastrous Economic downturn

                              #Business Most business face a lot of challenges ranging from lingering fuel shortage, irregular public power supply, multiple taxation by the various arms of governments, dwindling disposable income by the greater percentage of working populace, unemployment, rising foreign exchange and the list goes on and on. These are economic problems  that make life difficult for the entrepreneurs. Doing business had never been easy.  With this sort of problem thrown into it,  entrepreneurial  must be considered as dangerous game by many now. It’s so dangerous that many will not even touch it with a long pole. However, on the blog today, I am going to x-ray some of the strategies in which an entrepreneur can adopt in order to handle any obstacle that may come his way in the course of doing  his  business. As a business owner, you are fortunately (that word is used advisedly) already in it. There can be no going back. You have burnt the bridge b

Celebrity Creed: Who Becomes Wealthy?

                             #Lifestyle Many years ago, Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko jointly wrote a book titled “ The Millionaire Next Door ”. What formed the reason of writing this book was the fact that they began to study how people become wealthy. They did it just as you might imagine, by surveying people in the so-called upscale neighbourhoods across the country. However, in time, they discovered something odd. Many people who live in expensive homes and drive luxury cars do not actually have much wealth. Then, they discovered something even odder; many people who have a great deal of wealth do no not live in upscale neighbourhoods. According to them, that small insight changed their lives. It led Tom Stanley, out of an academic career, inspired him to write three books on marketing to the affluent in America, and made him an advisor to corporations that provide products and services to the affluent.                            Thomas J. Stanley

Ready To Roll Your Great Idea? What You Need To Know Before You Take The Leap

                                          #Business Hey! Last week, I shared a post titled “ how to turn your idea into quick money . I must say that the viewership of that particular post was quite amazing. Thanks immensely for being avid readers to my blog. It is great to have a million-dollar idea. Before you translate those fine ideas into money, that your idea must be analyzed, test and proven to be viable to make an impact on others before you get to the market to cash in.  On the blog, I am going to discuss something that is related to the last post, and also share an experience of Mr. Kazi Ahmed of Beaverton , Oregen, who had conceived an idea, held up for a while and did extensively research of the product before launching into the market. Ahmed was 36 years old when he discovered that he had diabetes. He learned about the disease, feeling uneasy about his total reliance on doctor’s advice, he took a decision by coming up with a n