Sunday, 25 November 2018

Kufre Ekpo’s Blog Is Now On A New Website

Hello Readers,

How are you doing? I guess you are doing great. For me, I am okay. I really missed you all.

It has been a very long time since you hear from me. I must apologize for leaving you for a while without any word from me. You didn’t hear from me because I was taking a long break. But that should not be an excuse. Though I always have you all in my mind.

While on vacation, I was seriously working behind the scene to make sure that when I am done with my vacation, I will come back stronger, refreshing with good ideas to write a kind of post you really want to read, and to re-brand KUFRE EKPO’S BLOG.

As part of strategy to do that, I had to build a new self-hosted website with my domain name, as you can see from graphic picture. Site designed by Clay concept and hosted by Upper link.

You may be asking why building another website? What will happen to the former one? My response will be that, because I have you in mind and I wanted to have a kind a website that once you get there, you will find it easy to navigate and search for any information on the website with ease.

In this new website, you will discover that I have different pages like Writer’s life, Business and Start-up, Humanity, Lifestyle, and Review page for different blog posting, unlike the former website where I was using hashtag to identify the post.

Many people visit various website for different reasons and to search for different information. With different pages on the new website, my blog readers will now have the liberty to visit the page they want and search for information they want or read the post they want to read.

In response to what will happen to this website, I will move all the interesting post from this website to the new website. Some of the old posts will be turned to new posts for your reading pleasure. There is likelihood that I will take down this website when I am done moving all posts to the new website.

I must also add here that another reason why I built the new website is hinged on the fact that having started my writing journey for more than three years as an amateur writer, I have now hone my writing skills and I want to exercise my writing authority as a pro- blogger.

For this reason, it will not be good and nice to continuously using a rented or free website for my writing. I am not saying that using free website is not good. At least, I was able to gain knowledge how to blog using It will not show any sign of professionalism in me, if I continue to use as a platform to showcase my writing skills.

Therefore, I am so sorry to tell you that this will be that last post that you will read on this blog. I want to use this opportunity to sincere thank all my avid readers, because of you KEB still exist, I thank you for the encouragement of dropping by to always read my blog posts.

I MUST say that without you, there would not have been KUFRE EKPO’S BLOG. As I am about to drop the curtain on this website, let me however, take you to my new blog website. PLEASE kindly visit my new website @

As my blog readers, I want to do me a big favour. I will like you to review the new website. Let me know what you feel and think about the website. This, of course, will go a long way to help in the optimization of the website.

You can follow me on these platform for updates of my blog posting.

It’s hard to know when to stop sometimes, isn’t it?  Over the last few years, it’s been drilled into our heads that I must deliver outstanding contents to be a successful blogger.  If I don’t, you my readers, would have rejected me.  And no one will like to visit my website.

As hard as it is, I want to say goodbye to all my blog readers on this website. Let’s us establish an online connection on the new website. To connect, just click on this links รจ . I’ll be waiting for you and  gladly receive you there.


Saturday, 8 September 2018

Wealthy Affiliate: Where you Can Make Tons Of Money Starting Online Business Without No Skill

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Are you a Writer, a Blogger, or an Affiliate Marketer? Are you looking for where you can start your online business without necessarily having an online skill?

If your answer to the questions above is yes, I will tell you not to look anymore, because I’ve found one that will change your financial status at the end.

Therefore, may I introduce to you WEALTHY AFFILIATE, an online programme that will walk you through during the training and watch you grow in the online business.

Who are these guys?

Have you heard of these guys before? I GUESS no! But I must tell you, Wealthy Affiliate has been in existence since 2005. WA is affiliate programme where you can learn to start your online business and make tons of money within a shortage possible time, only if you are determined and decided to work hard.

How much you need to start?

In Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t have to break a bank for you to start the business. First, you’ll go through a free period of 30 days. For you to pay a token of $19, in which you will gain full access to all what is being offered by the platform.

After the promotion period of 30 days, you will be required to pay a monthly fee of $49. By the time you are on the platform for your second month, you should have spent $68 dollars

What do you stand to gain if  you start?

1.  Complete video training on how to be successful in online business.

2.  Meet with the most active community of helpful AFFILIATE MARKETERS.

3.  The most powerful managed WordPress Hosting services.

4.  Powerful website tools to create up to 25 free websites.

5.  Over 3,000 professional website templates.

6.  Millions of top quality web images.

7.  Powerful SEO to help your content development.

8.  Domain name registration plus free WHOIS protection and privacy.

9.  The most powerful Affiliate marketing system in the industry with 1:8 conversion ratio.

10. And a lot more…

These tools are made available and trust me within the next 30 days, if you register, you can get your affiliate link and banner, to paste on your website to start making money.

Within the same month, you would have recover your $19.

How does Wealthy Affiliate help you to succeed in your small online business?
1.  Wealthy Affiliate will provide unbeatable online training – Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC). This train in 5 phases of 50 lessons series that will help in the process of creating and growing your business.

2.  The platform will allow you to create website for free. As a premium member, you can have up to 50 websites created and hosted for free.

3.  They host your website on top and fast speed servers. When you create the website, the platform will host your website for free.

4.  Wealthy Affiliate gives you access to premium SEO tools. This will help in getting your contents to appear in Google page #1.

5.  Wealthy Affiliate will protect your domain for free. Domain name protector and WHOIS privacy are paid services online.

   How do you make your money? 

Wealthy Affiliate does not only teach you affiliate marketing and gives you the necessary tools. They also help you make money in principally two ways:
1.  They help you identify profitable affiliate products to promote in your niche.

2.  They help with tools to promote their own highly converting affiliate programme.

3.  They allow you to create up to 50 money making websites and host them for free.

How do you get started? 
If you want to explore this online business opportunity, you have to sign-up into Wealthy Affiliate and all the information I’m sharing with you found in their website.

 Just click on this link  to create your account. I’ll be waiting for you.

  Don’t Procrastinate! It kills dreams!

Friday, 17 August 2018

How To Start An Investment That Will Turn You Into A Rich Man

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Research has shown that only five percent of the wealthy or stupendous rich- men around the world are Investors. These rich men started their investment when they were still young, knowing full well that, it takes time for an investment to grow exponentially.

However, if you want to join the clique of these people that are rich, the fact remains that you must start an investment today. The beauty of it is that, it can be started small, nurtured and seeing it grow big in the future. Your journey to become rich lies solely on your willingness and readiness to implement what I’m going to share with you herein.

In today’s blog post, I’m going to delve into some of the critical areas you need to know before you take a leap into any investment or business. The point is, there are many uncertainties that characterize starting up, or running a business. You need to know the keys that will unlock and launch you into the path of success, of which I will only discuss eight of them.

Notably, these keys or principles if you want to call it are paramount important in a start-up, or in entrepreneurship. Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur, or you want to start an investment, this post will help you immensely. Just relax and continue reading as we get started.

Key #1: IDEA
The most important key a would-be Investor needs before starting a business, or an investment is GREAT idea. How you do you get the idea? You get an idea when you put on your thinking cap and involve in a serious deep thinking. While thinking, the big idea will come. when you have a glimpse of what you want to do, then you write it down. 

 Putting your idea on black and white will go a long way to help you to stay focus. By doing so, you will begin to work on those ideas by carry out feasibility study and in-dept analysis to see how and where those lofty ideas can lead you to. This is a starting point. Without any idea of where and how to start a business, it sure will lead you to failure.

On the other side of the coin, if your idea is tested and proven to make a headway in business, then such idea can be turned into goldmine, and your journey to become rich is inevitable. 

There is this axiom that says… when you’re informed, you’ll be empowered. Against this backdrop, when you have a big idea, the next step to take is to look for information that centered on what you want to do, that will help you in this regard. You will agree with me that, we’re now in information age, therefore, you need a handful of information that will walk you through, by researching on a kind of investment or business you’re venturing into.

Of course, all the information you need that will help you in the choice of the investment or business can be found on the internet through blog posts, as I’m sharing now, magazines, newsletters, and business seminars etc.

Armed with these information, you will be well-equipped and empowered on the technical knowledge, business skills, and required wisdom to running, or establishing an investment or business you’re so much desired to have. Eventually, you’ll succeed in the business.

When it comes to the issue of starting an investment, one of the things that stand as an obstacle for a would-be Investor or a business owner is uncertainty and fear. Grappling with the fear of unknown can wreck havoc on the mind of an Investor before he even thinks of starting the BUSINESS.

Therefore, an Investor need to be positively bold and stubborn to succeed in the business world. The tenacity and perseverance in him will steeply help to overcome the fears that may gripped him, while starting the business or an investment.

You can’t succeed in business if you are not passionate about it. Undoubtedly, consistency to that passion brings about the dream of becoming a successful business tycoon, which eventually can transcend into a reality, if well nurtured and worked tirelessly towards it 

Dreaming is the first step in creating the kind of investment you really want. You can dream big or dream small depending on what you want but dreaming of nothing will produce nothing. Once you’ve determined what you want, it’s possible to set goals that will help you achieve that dreams. 

At the time when reaching your goals seems impossible, listen to the stories of other people who are out there in the globe trying to make their dreams reality in the business world.

To succeed as an Investor, you must know how to control your finances. This has to do with the discipline and the ability to cut cost where necessary, do away with unnecessary spending, and focus your attention on only things that will stimulate growth and productivity that will tremendously help your business to grow.

To aid in prudence, you must have a planned budget on how to run your business, stick to it, and remain financial disciplined. A lot of business owners spent money impulsively with reckless abandonment, of which those money could have been saved only if they had known the importance of budgeting in business or investment.

From the prudence, the next key to succeed in business is record keeping. This, of course, should be a working document of every business owners or an Investors. Such document will depict the cash flows - incomes and expenditures of a business for a certain period.

Record keeping helps the business owners to know whether they are making profit, breaking even, or running at a loss, and such document can propel or helps the owners to make critical decisions that will transform the business viz: re-investing in other viable business, injecting more money to put life back into business or winding up for the death business.

It’s shocking to note that many business owners don’t keep records of their business transactions. A quintessential example to me is this company - a medium-size logistic company in Lagos. They don’t have keep record. Because of this ineptitude on the part of the management, some staff capitalized on that and bleed the company to bankruptcy. After thirteen years of the establishment, the company is still not growing.

Risk taking in business is surest way to make it big. A lot of entrepreneurs around us are living testimonies. Taking risk in business is like gambling your hard - earn money into a game of chances, but at the end, the risk takers will have reasons to smile. But those entrepreneurs or Investors who had known this key always have the courage to risk it, when they see another opportunity, and after they will tell the story of investment they’ve risked many years that have paid off.

Perfect examples of risk taking in business are in this story herein:
Elon Musk invested $180M and was in debt in 2008. Seven years later, he's worth $13 billion, but he'd be ready to risk it all again. Steve Jobs lost his entire Apple fortune by 1994, betting it on NeXT and Pixar. In 1995, everything turned around, he sold NeXT to Apple, Pixar to Disney and he passed away an icon. 

Walt Disney mortgaged away his entire fortune in the 1950s to build Disneyland, against everyone's advice. He too went from giving up everything to becoming a legend. Each bet everything material they had on something invisible - their purpose and vision.
Many of the greatest entrepreneurs unintentionally find themselves in this state by betting everything on their dream. You can follow suit, that is provided you don't focus on what you've lost, but on everything you must gain. That's when everything turns around. ‘’That's the paradox of entrepreneurs having a 'near-death' experience where they lose it all.’’ says Steve Jobs.
Key #8: BE A GIVER
The last but least key to unlock the door to your success in business and launch you into the path of richness is, by being a giver and charity donor. Apart from the spiritual angle that is attached to this dictum that says – ‘’Givers never lack’’, however, your generosity towards the less privilege and down trodden can open the doors of blessings and riches to you divinely.

Bill Gate, the owner of Microsoft knew about this key many years ago, and he didn’t fail to make use of it to unlock the source of his wealth, by donating seventy percent of his entire incomes as charity to the poorest countries yearly.

No wonder! He is counted among the most riches entrepreneur of this century. You too can do the same thing- donating your income as little it may be, as charity to the needy in your community, thereby putting smiles in the faces of those looking for helping hands. God will richly bless you.

Let me stop here so far and I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. I’m glad you sure did. Please kindly share this post,